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Investment consulting services

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Investment Advisory Services

With a team of dynamic, experienced, professional and dedicated staffs, we will provide a difference in the quality of advisory services to investors.

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Auditing services and assurance services

CAF applies the Auditing and Assurance process that are built to assess comprehensively and detect errors in the system of enterprises.

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Financial consulting services

With wide knowledge and understand the business environment, the laws of Vietnam, the experts of CAF can help clients to plan their business strategies.

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Tax consulting sevices

With the complexity of tax law in Vietnam, CAF Vietnam is willing to consult and contact the tax authorities to optimise your tax exposure.

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Accounting consultancy services

CAF Vietnam was initially established and developed from a company specializing in provision of accounting services which have been highly acknowledged and trusted by numerous clients.

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Financial risk management

Leveraging knowledge of CAF Vietnam expert in the fields, professions to help you manage your business risks effectively reducing operating costs.

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Internal Audit

Assist the client in developing an effective internal audit system that will increase value in the future and evaluate the effectiveness of the management system.

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Information technology solutions service

We help customers to design and implement IT risk control solutions that meet the complex and rapid change of technological environments.


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Our firm is operated by talented leaders. Most of them have experienced years working in consultancy and audit in well-known firms such as Deloitte, PwC, Baker Tilly A & C and leading companies such as Techcombank, Bao Viet Group, PetroVietnam, Electricity Corporation, Vietnam Airlines Corporation, Anova Group.

The strength of CAF Vietnam is also made up of highly qualified and experienced persons with extensive knowledge and understanding of the culture, customs, business environment, current regulatory system. Our staff has worked with many large and multidisciplinary companies in Vietnam.

With a team of proactive, creative, professional working style, ready to approach and update new knowledge and technology, we believe that we will fulfill the principle and purpose of the company. “We commit to dedicate quality services with our professional capacity in order to build the social trust”.

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