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Accounting consultancy services

Dich-vu-tu-van-ke-toan Accounting consultancy services
“All other organizations often meet difficult problems about the report finance and the accounting, the same day, economic environment currently presenting the issue that the business must be a face”

Organizations often waste a lot of time and resources when trying to solve these problems themselves. Professional consultants can eliminate most of the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the adoption of accounting standards and reporting practices, and helps clients achieve desired business results.

We provide the following sevices:

  • Assist the customer to deal with complex financial reporting, systems and challenges in accounting activities;
  • Update information on the issuance and interpret Vietnam Accounting Standards and international accounting standards;
  • Support accounting activities for the purpose of due diligence and performance of tax obligations;
  • Employees of CAF Vietnam with appropriate accounting and finance skills to work under the supervision of customers.

CAF Vietnam is helping organizations to apply International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and provide practical support to help smooth the transition to IFRS.