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Auditing services and assurance services

Dich-vu-kiem-toan-dam-bao Auditing services and assurance services
“Well-executed audits help to increase the value of the business beyond the scope of formal financial report”

Independent financial audits help to increase the credibility of information provided for investors, creditors, and other interested parties in accordance with the law.

On the market, reliable financial reporting will reinforce investor confidence. Within internal organizations, these audits increase the understanding of the board of directors and board of directors about the business and the risks faced by the business.

We provide fully audit of services and guarantee of service including:

  • Auditing annual financial statements;
  • Auditing financial statements for tax purposes;
  • Auditing financial statements to demonstrate financial capability in investment projects;
  • Auditing completed investment capital;
  • Checking financial information on the basis of prior agreement procedures;
  • Checking financial statements;
  • Auditing capital confirmation;
  • Compliance audit: Ensure the compliance of the business with the law or contractual obligations;
  • Auditing Future Financial Information: The scope of audit includes the potential consequences of future events and activities that may occur;
  • Report about internal control system: Includes reasonable assurance or limited warranties to make independent conclusion about the internal control system as required by the customer.