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Consulting services of related-part transactions (transfer pricing)

Dich-vu-tu-van-giao-dich-lien-ket Consulting services of related-part transactions (transfer pricing)
In the context of tax authority in term of strengthening of inspectoral activities, tax inspection and anti-transfer pricing. The promulgation of Decree No. 20/2017/ND-CP and Circular No. 41/2017/TT-BTC are indicative of efforts by regulators to improve the legal basis for transfer pricing of associated transactions, to create the unified premise for the inspective management, tax inspection and anti-price transfer in the professional and transparent approaches.

Simultaneously, tax authorities are also attempting to complete the internal database that is used for adjusting affiliate transactions. Recently, inspective activities, anti-transfer price inspections are conducted more professionally as well as more complex, depth analysis requirement of the business model and factors affecting transaction costs to taxpayers and the whole supply chain, generally.

We support our clients as follows:

  • Identifying connected parties;
  • Analyzing when compiling the transaction price determination;
  • Selecting method of determining associated transaction price;
  • Determining the cost for tax calculation in associated transactions;
  • Creating databases for declarative purpose, determining and managing the associated transactions cost;
  • To guide the Company to declare related transactions according to regulations;
  • To save and provide determinative records of associated transaction cost to the tax office when requirement.