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Financial consulting services

Dich-vu-tu-van-tai-chinh-doanh-nghiep Financial consulting services
“Financial consultant is a consultancy service for enterprises dealing with difficulties or problems in financial activities. At the same time, the consultant develops the most standard financial plan in the business of the enterprise. Scheme of capital arrangement accords to the needs of the enterprise”
Through financial consultancy, enterprises will strengthen the capacity of the management system; improve accounting, internal control management. This will help tighten control over production costs leading to lower product costs. Improving human resource management system, the wages, bonus and welfare; at the same time, performance evaluation and human resource development; …

Our financial experts can assist clients to solve the following financial issues:

  • Equalization consultancy of firm;
  • Consultancy for enterprises participating in the stock market;
  • Make arrangements for customers to obtain capital with competitive costs in accordance with the requirements of customers and markets;
  • Merge and acquisition consultancy;
  • Consultancy helps businesses plan their finances, restructure their loans, monitor cash flow management, plan both long-term and short-term to ensure that businesses avoid falling into about liquidity;
  • Consulting and arranging a liquidation plan for the company, business unit or asset in the plan to change the business direction or restructuring of the business;
  • Investment planning consultants, investment with the private investment companies seeking standard growth programs or considering an investment that maximizes profits.