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Financial risk management

Dich-vu-tu-van-quan-tri-rui-ro Financial risk management
Executives are constantly under pressure to identify the risks their organization faces. They need to understand how these risks will affect trade decisions and the formation of business strategies. At the same time, identify and manage key business risks, minimize losses and maximize value for investors, shareholders.

More organizations are recognizing the benefits of a coherent approach to financial risk management and regulatory compliance. Many are now seeking to use risk management and compliance to drive superior performance.

We support our clients as follows:

  • Develop policies and strategies for risk management in enterprises;
  • Designing and orienting strategizing risk management at the strategic and function;
  • Building a risk awareness culture within the enterprise, including training on risk management in the enterprise;
  • Building policies and organize internal risk management for functional departments in enterprise;
  • Design and review of  processing risk management;
  • Coordination of various functional activities related to risk management in the enterprise;
  • Develop risk response processes that include prevention programs and maintain regular business operations;
  • Prepare reports about  the risk management of the board of management and links related to the enterprise.