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Internal Audit

Dich-vu-kiem-toan-noi-bo Internal Audit

Internal auditing (IA) is considered as a defensive line in the enterprise. However, in Vietnam, most enterprises do not have sufficient awareness about the importance of IA and this has led to risks, losses, even bankruptcy.

With its experience, CAF Vietnam provides practical assistance in overcoming shortcomings in the IA system and skills shortfalls through the internal audit services listed here. We are committed to helping firms building and improving the internal Auditing system in a systematic manner, establishing a monitoring mechanism where management does not manage by trust, but by clear rules.

We support our clients as follows:

  • Improving productivity and effectiveness of internal audit;
  • Consulting as IA practitioners to add value and enhance existing internal audit processes;
  • Prevention, detection and investigation of fraud including development of a fraud risk assessment;
  • Working with internal audit functions to perform risk assessments and redesign their audit plans and approach so that these are aligned with the business strategy and the areas driving shareholder value;
  • Advising on internal audit strategy and transformation to reduce cost, improve performance, increase accountability and develop metrics;
  • Providing an independent quality review of existing internal audit functions and their strategies.