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Tax consulting sevices

Dich-vu-tu-van-thue Tax consulting sevices
“In Vietnam, current regulations on tax policies, accounting in the tax areas, you are difficult to grasp the provisions of the tax laws. Many enterprises have violated the tax law, sanctioned and collected tax arrears because they did not catch up the regulations, do not know the provisions of the tax law or misunderstandings”

Businesses active tax stubs, tax settlement, annual tax payment regularly. However, businesses do not know whether they have declared, settled and paid the right tax, enough or not. This is a problem many enterprises operating in Vietnam, which made mistakes.

In addition, tax accounting is always the most complex and annoying problem regard to businesses. You have to spend a lot of time and expenses to carry out the tax procedure. CAF Vietnam Tax Consultancy will save you time and expenses.

We provide the following sevices:

  • Tax agent;
  • Advise on the handling of tax problems;
  • Consultation on tax exemption and reduction and tax refund consultancy;
  • Tax settlement and reporting;
  • Personal income tax and contractor tax services;
  • Transfer Pricing Services helps organizations manage their tax risks in the transfer pricing process, enforces policy and regulatory compliance, and designs effective pricing policies;
  • Transfer pricing services include: Making reports on associated transactions, compiling associated transaction records, supplying standard market price margins, compiling advance price records in associated transactions, supporting customers to explain to the tax authorities the issues related to determination of prices in associated transactions.