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Working environment

If you are looking for a professional firm to build your career,
If you want to balance work and life,
Let us be with you to grow.

We emphasize on people and place a high priority on your professional development. We help you to achieve your career goals while encouraging you to enjoy life outside.

Opportunities to broaden your potential
With a combination of in-house and on-the-job training programs, we assure that you obtain our accumulated know-hows and essential skills to provide high quality service your client requires both in audit/accounting and tax. We strongly encourage employees to pursue and attain a professional certificate, such as Vietnamese CPA and ACCA. Although commitment to customers is our first priority, we always make an effort to arrange a schedule which facilitates your study. Beside English, our main working language, you will have opportunities to practice Japanese and take classes with our native speakers.

International experience
International experience at CAF Vietnam is an opportunity to immerse yourself in global working standards. Via working for FDI clients and by working with colleagues with diverse cultural backgrounds, you are expected to learn and understand the difference in culture, accounting practice and day-to-day business practice that will definitely beneficial to your career in the context of globalization todays.

People first culture
Our purpose is to create a comfortable workplace as we understand the pressure in dealing with deadlines and inquiries from the client day-by-day. Our team is a group of professional, friendly and open-minded people who are willing to share not only the knowledge but also life experience. We respect your own characteristics and your strengths. Therefore, we provide a culture that optimizes your capabilities and to develop your career in a way that suits you.

Work life balance
By organizing team activities outside of work, we want to enhance the team strength. We hold mini trips every month, and organize many social activities for your choice. We encourage all staff to join such company activities. For employees who have family obligations, we also provide a supportive culture so that you can be part of CAF Vietnam family and build your career at CAF Vietnam in a long-run.