Tax-Dispute Advisory

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With this service, our tax experts will advise the client on how to deal with disputes with tax authorities when both having different opinions in applying tax laws resulting in tax penalties to the client.

Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Discuss with the client in detail to clearly understand their tax issue and specific requirements.
  • Study relevant tax laws and similar cases to determine whether the client’s opinion could be protected or not. The best solution must not only strictly comply with tax laws and practices but also protect the client’s legitimate interests.
  • Propose to the client our strategy and implementation steps to solve the dispute. We will explain our solution in detail to the client for the client’s information and approval.
  • Prepare complaining letters for the client’s review and approval.
  • Send the signed complaining letters to tax authorities.
  • On behalf of the client, visit tax authorities to discuss and explain the tax issue presented in the complaining letters, persuade tax authorities to accept the client’s opinion.
  • We will accompany the client in the tax dispute process to promptly advise the client necessary steps and strategies.
  • After receiving the reply letter from the tax authority, we will notify the client and have it translated into English if required.
  • If the first complaint fails, we will continue to support the client to submit the complaint to the higher level of tax administration or the Ministry of Finance or the Government’s Office.

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