Tax Filing (Outsourcing)

How we can help 

With this service package, we will act as a tax department of the client to ensure that adequately, accurately, timely, and compliant with Vietnamese tax laws. Besides, while providing the service, we often advise clients on tax risks, if any spotted, and how to optimize tax laws in their businesses (Ex: tax incentives, tax saving,…).

The construction audit services are conducted on the basis of the strict compliance with the professional standards and current regulations on construction management applicable to projects involved with Sate-owned capital, public investment, FDI and other sources of capitals; high respect to the existence, reasonableness and marketability in determining construction investment costs.

Accordingly, our detailed works are as follow:

  • Coordinate with the client’s accounting department to collect related data and documents for tax filing for types of tax in a period. This step will not be necessary if the client also uses our bookkeeping services.
  • Check and analyze the collected data and documents to calculate tax amounts and fulfill tax forms as required by tax laws. If any unclear issues, we will promptly inform and discuss with clients and then propose proper solutions for the client’s consideration and approval for the next steps.
  • Send the fulfilled tax forms to the client for review and approval before officially submitting to tax authorities. Besides, we also attach a recommendation report which presents issues of the data or documents prepared by the client’s teams and our according recommendations for the client’s enhancement in the next periods.
  • Submit the fulfilled tax forms to local tax authorities.
  • Guide the client to make payments for tax amounts or pay tax on behalf of the client if required.
  • Support the client to provide explanations to tax authorities regarding the tax filing when and where required.

Note: We provide both bookkeeping and tax filing outsourcing services; let’s contact us for further understanding. See the detailed description of bookkeeping services in “Accounting Services.”

Benefits for the client

  • Meet business schedules in urgent cases.
  • Help clients to save much of effort and time.
  • Help clients to save costs.
  • Help clients feel more secured about job quality.

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