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Increasing global competition, an intensifying regulatory environment and growing cost pressures mean that businesses facing more fierce challenges than ever. The successful organisations will be the ones that create a strong strategic focus to drive performance and align resources organisation-wide to facilitate strategic execution.

Business strategy is very important in setting up the right and solid foundation for any company’s development in the future. Unlike other business activities, mistakes in business strategy may cause severe loss to the company, even failure of the business.

However, building and implementing a business strategy is hardly easy and simple, therefore, we wish to release our clients’ stress by this service. We strongly believe that our senior advisory teams, with their profound knowledge and experience, will deliver useful advice and supports to the clients.

The construction audit services are conducted on the basis of the strict compliance with the professional standards and current regulations on construction management applicable to projects involved with Sate-owned capital, public investment, FDI and other sources of capitals; high respect to the existence, reasonableness and marketability in determining construction investment costs.

Our Services 

  • Support the client in analyzing and selecting the most suitable business strategy; or support in developing the business strategy in detail for each function of the company.
  • Provide independent and objective opinions on the client’s business strategies for better adjustments.
  • Support the client to implement the strategies.
  • Support the client to assess the implementation of strategies and provide recommendations for necessary and timely adjustments.
  • Assistance with comparing existing governing documents and processes for the board of director’s work against best practice, to identify further areas for improvement.
  • Strengthen the governance structure linked to selected risk areas.
  • Evaluation of the company’s governance system against best practice and in relation to the company’s main risk areas and goals.
  • Development of annual processes with role and responsibility allocation to ensure continued maintenance and development of the governance system.

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