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Cost and performance management is the key to realising your strategy. We will work with you to translate your strategy into a meaningful framework of metrics (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) to effectively manage and measure the achievement of your strategy. This will enable you to have the right information at the right time so you can measure and track your progress.  You will be able to analyse past performance, to identify patterns, trends and dependencies, to report on performance and to perform predictive modelling.

Our experienced team provides the following key services:

  • We will help you to define a suite of metrics and reporting to ensure your key decision makers have the right information at the right time.
  • We can support you from the development of your strategy through to definition of measurable checkpoints and measures along the way.
  • We will also help you to set up a reporting infrastructure to improve access to information.
  • Where organisations have activities in different locations or countries, we help to consolidate data and reporting into a single place. This ensures that leaders and stakeholders have reliable, consistent, holistic data on company performance.
  • We can assist you to better understand regulatory reporting requirements and how best to respond.
  • In addition, we challenge management to develop an integrated reporting strategy that meets the needs of both the key decision-makers within the firm and principal stakeholders.
  • We help organisations to cascade and integrate their corporate strategy to all levels in the organisation to ensure that all staff are aligned and working towards the same common goals.
  • We assist clients to establish a structured, integrated planning processes which links to the annual budgeting and rolling forecasting process. This helps organisations to manage finances more effectively.
  • As bottom line costs are on the up for companies in Vietnam, focus and capability to control costs is becoming increasingly important. Through targeted training and new processes, we help organisations to create more focus and attention on cost and profit management among leaders. This work helps to improve weaknesses in the way costs are managed to drive towards a culture of continuous improvement. This will result in better clarity on cost drivers, operating and discretionary cost savings, financial discipline, cost control and reduction of waste.

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